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15 years and counting......

A brief history......

Back in 2001, John Howard was PM of Australia, Ansett Airlines went into administration due to financial woes, The World Trade Center buildings in New York were attacked by terrorists in what is now known as the 9/11 attacks, Digital television arrives in most capital cities in Australia, the Brisbane Lions won the AFL premiership and we lost Sir Donald Bradman, Graeme 'Shirley' Strahan and Christopher Skase.

It was also the year that Applied Body Therapeutics commence operating in Mandurah with 1 Massage Therapist. In the early days, we were the supplier of massage services to most of the resorts and holiday accommodation in Mandurah providing a mobile massage services to house guests as well as private homes. We operated from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year back then. On Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day, we'd set up a massage table at the Atrium Hotel and provide massages by the pool. The fun part was dodging the line of fire from kids using water pistols. Those were the days!

We put on more therapists to keep up with the demand and at one stage we had a team of 8 therapists lugging portable massage tables around from Dawesville to Secret Harbour and out to Pinjarra.

We did promo days at Cape Bouvard Winery when ever a band was playing on a Sunday and you could have a 20 minute massage for a bottle of wine. We provided massages for all types of groups and clubs visiting Mandurah where we would take 4-5 therapists along to one location and do 'assembly line' 1 hour massage for half a day.

We also the Massage Therapy supplier of choice for many professional teams and groups that passed through Mandurah including:

Queensland Fury Soccer team - no defunct. Robbie Fowler nicknamed me Pete the Pirate, a name that stuck for quite a while.

Professional Dance Troupes that passed through town - We did an Irish Dance Troupe once; they all have calves like steel plates.

We prepared quite a few athletes for events, everything from professional bull-riders, preparing boxers for fights, AFL footballers visiting Mandurah and charity Cycling events.

Plus the normal television and movie celebs and super models that found out about us.

Out of the car, into the Clinic

We started to move trial Clinic based services in the 2008 and we had 2 Clinics running, one in Falcon and one in France Street in Mandurah, whilst still keeping the mobile service.

In 2010 we moved into our current permanent premises here at 12 Cooper Street, Mandurah closed Falcon and France Street Clinics and wound down the mobile services.

Today we have a great team of professional remedial therapists, some of the best in WA, based at our Clinic and everyday they achieve exceptional results for their patients. Likewise we have had some exceptional therapists work with us over the years and we still see many of them on a regular basis.

We have been privileged to have a great number of fantastic patients over the years with whom we have become great friends with and even a few that have been with us since 2001.

We look forward to continue to provide a professional, state-of-the-art, results based massage therapy service for many years to come.

The Numbers:

Looking back, over the last 15 years we have:

Completed over 50,000 hours of massage treatments

Washed over 130,000 towels

Used 1,200 litres of massage oil

Seen over 15,000 individual patients

and our fingers look like a packet of Twisties!!! (not really).

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